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How to become more attractive to the opposite sex: 16 best ways


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Like it or not, a man needs a man. And when the search for the second half turns into a real test and a series of failures, many loners are ready to accept any advice: at least from the “pickup masters”, at least from the dubious fortunetellers of psychics. But extremes aside. Scientists undertook to reveal the secret of attractiveness. And the first results are already here: a thing is named that increases the attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex by as much as 75%. And no, this is not an iPhone at all.

Many of us at different ages and life situations ask the same question: what makes a person attractive and how to “pump over” this skill? It would seem that the answer is on the surface. Appearance? Thousands of women enlarge their lips and other strategically important places, but remain in splendid isolation. Money? Well, not all young (and not so) people have the opportunity to toss a potential darling with diamonds, iPhones and warm mink coats. The good news is that intelligence can enhance appeal. And so, how.

The popular dating site Elite Singles hired scientists and sociologists with one almost noble goal: to find out what affects users' choice of potential partners and what seems to them the most attractive. For this, experts interviewed more than 6,000 people. And it turned out that as many as 93% of respondents would prefer a strong press and Brazilian pope ... knowledge of at least one foreign language.

The study showed that fluency in at least one foreign language increases a person’s sexual attractiveness for the opposite sex by almost 75%.

Among the reasons why this works, the respondents name the following: interest in other cultures (the “exotic effect”), mystery (the mystery of an unknown language attracts the speaker), and the opinion that knowledge of several languages ​​is an indicator of a higher level of intelligence.

By the way, the most attractive among foreign languages ​​are French and Italian. So, if you want to quickly find a partner for life, urgently sign up for language courses. And on the first date, flirtatiously demonstrate your knowledge. Fights on the spot.

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1. Be active and be the first to approach others

Do not be shy. During meetings, be the first to approach people, especially those who are alone. Just come and say hi. In fact, everyone expects someone else to take the first step, so they will be relieved to think: “Finally, someone with whom you can talk. I am not a loser. ” This one is also good for a group of people.

Are you comfortable taking on the leadership role? If not, what are you afraid of? Bounce?

How often you were refused because you said hello. If in fact often, it means the lack of confidence. When you believe in yourself, the number of failures is significantly reduced.

3. Hold eye contact

Wandering eyes show that you do not care. Sustained eye contact will make another person feel that he is the most important for you in this room.

When you are talking with another person, you do not need to look around absentmindedly or at your phone (unless you have warned in advance that you are waiting for a call).

Do you feel guilty when you look around, and someone is talking to you?

4. Be sure

Very sexy to be confident. Can you look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I love you very much, are you surprised?” If you cannot, then you probably need to heal the old emotional wounds.

If you are sure that attractiveness is not about you, then no effort will work. Each person has behind him the "baggage" of the past. But as soon as you drop it, your affairs will go up.

Therefore, you can start investing in coaches, doctors and personal development programs that will help you reconcile with the past, and you can become confident in yourself.

5. During the conversation, contact a person by name

The most important and sweet word for our ears is our own name.

How do you feel when someone uses your name in the middle of a sentence? Probably very good. Therefore, use the name of the person during the conversation, especially for new acquaintances. Very few people do this, so this is a great chance to get attention.

Have you ever used this tactic? If not, then try and look at the reaction and the level of relationship with you.

6. Ask open-ended questions starting with “what,” “how,” “why,” and “where.”

Do not worry if you are an introvert. You do not have to conduct the whole conversation. You just need to show your curiosity, ask questions, because people like to talk about themselves.

Start with the basics: “What brings you here? Where are you from? What do you do?"

Then move on to questions that take the relationship to the next level:

  • What do you think about it?
  • What is your life interesting for? What makes you happy?
  • If you had a magic wand and you could make your life what you want, what would it look like? (This question refers to the deepest desires and dreams. Your interlocutor will think that you are amazing).
  • If you had the power to change something in this world, what would it be? Why is this so important? (These questions make a person feel like a superhero.)

Each interlocutor's answer will contain a hint for the next question.

Have you ever had such a conversation with strangers or just acquaintances? These questions really work.

9. Connect them to something important in your life.

“What is your most important goal this year?” Perhaps I can do something to help you achieve it? ”

Your interlocutor will think: “How great. It can't be true for anyone to be so worried about me. What can I do to reciprocate? ”

If you give others what they want, then you have the right to expect something for yourself. This is how the law of reciprocity works.

11. Show that you are not afraid to take risks

Going beyond your comfort zone is not only sexy, it inspires others.

The more you risk, the better reward in the form of relationships and opportunities you will receive. That is why it is very important to take risks when you meet new people. The more they know about how fearless and courageous you are, the more they will be admired.

If they feel that you are afraid to leave your comfort zone and even go outside, they will find you boring. In boring people there is nothing attractive.

What can you do in the next few days to leave your comfort zone?

12. Show which direction you want to move.

You are sexy and exciting if you are trying to make this world much better than it was before you. You must have goals and projects. If you do not have goals and interests in life, you are very boring.

What can you do to make a difference?

13. Tell us about the positive side of your life.

Do not go to negative memories. If you feel guilty, shame or worthless, you will surround others with a “dark cloud." But if you conclude from what happened, others will be inspired by your story.

Happy thoughts form a happy energy. And the energy of happiness is very attractive.

Are you done with negative memories? And if not, what do you do with them?

16. Start looking after yourself

Do not judge a book by its cover. But the bitter truth is that everyone does just that. You only have three seconds to make a first impression. Changing it later will be very difficult. Therefore, show yourself from the best side.

Sadly, some people do not pay attention to small details. Old-fashioned clothes and hairstyle, worn boots, groomed nails ... The fact that you do not care about your appearance reflects your low self-esteem. Looking presentable is also a job.

“No time” is no excuse. You can always find time for what is really important. If it is important for you to show your appearance in an attractive light, this is comparable to how well you treat yourself. So take the time to look decent.