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Can I drink soda during pregnancy: pros and cons


Perhaps, in every house there is baking soda, which is used for a variety of purposes, so, for example, it is an indispensable tool for cleaning plaque in the bath, it will help to make any baking more airy, and besides, it can heal from some ailments.

At first, it may seem that this product is completely harmless, is that so if applied internally during pregnancy? Is soda capable of exerting an adverse effect on the mother and baby? We will try to understand all these issues.

The use of baking soda during pregnancy

Most expectant mothers are aware that many traditional drugs are not allowed to be used during the period of gestation. However, what should be done if the expectant mother, for example, suddenly became overwhelmed by thrush, toothache, sore throat, or simply tormented heartburn? Most women in one of these cases will use the old way - the use of soda solution.

Many believe that soda does not have a negative impact on the well-being of the future baby, but mom helps to cope with various problems that arise at this time. Also, many people know that soda is completely non-toxic, so expectant mothers are even recommended to replace it with various chemical cleaners and use such a harmless substance throughout the entire period of pregnancy, as well as breastfeeding.

Apply soda during pregnancy as a folk medicine can be in such cases:

  • with thrush,
  • from heartburn
  • gargle,
  • with toothache
  • in establishing the facts of pregnancy.

Below we describe in more detail each of these situations.

Baking soda during pregnancy with thrush

Thrush during pregnancy gives many expectant mothers quite a lot of trouble. This problem arises due to hormonal changes that occur during this time, they are the source of an increase in conditionally pathogenic microflora. However, not every woman is allowed to take medications during pregnancy, and even those permitted do not always provide the desired effect.

An excellent assistant in eliminating this problem can be soda, which does not harm the woman and her future baby, she is able to relieve the itching that occurs with thrush. However, soda can not cure this ailment, it will only help alleviate the course of these unpleasant symptoms.

During pregnancy, the symptoms of this problem can be alleviated with a soda solution prepared in the following proportions: for 200 ml of warm boiled water, you need to take one teaspoon of baking soda.

However, remember that before using this product during the period of carrying the baby, be sure to consult your doctor!

Heartburn Soda

During pregnancy, many expectant mothers suffer from such a common problem as heartburn, which appears quite often. We know that baking soda perfectly helps to get rid of this so unpleasant sensation as soon as possible.

In fact, soda immediately begins to act with gastric juice, thereby neutralizing the acid, which provokes the appearance in the chest of the same “fire” from which soda helps get rid quickly enough.

But many people ask themselves, is it not harmful to take this product during pregnancy? And the answer to this question is unequivocal - unfortunately, for a woman during the period of bearing a baby, healing from heartburn with soda is contraindicated.

From chemistry lessons it is known that this product is sodium bicarbonate, which in a significant amount provokes the appearance of puffiness, and also negatively affects the intestinal mucosa.

That is, concluding from the foregoing, soda should not be used during the period of gestation. Today there are a number of tools that are more gentle for the body than this product.

However, if such drugs were suddenly not at hand, and excruciating heartburn does not go away, then in a number of exceptions you can use such alternative methods that are used to eliminate it. To do this, prepare a solution, add a pinch of baking soda to a glass of milk and drink the resulting medicine. A "fire" in the chest will pass immediately, but remember that often such a remedy should not be taken in any way.

Always at hand

That is why soda is so popular. Whenever you are caught up in heartburn, it can be quickly nullified. At the same time, many expectant mothers are interested in the question of whether it is possible to drink soda during pregnancy. Most women in the situation are guided by the fact that this substance is completely safe, but they try to use it as little as possible just in case.

In fact, this is a universal tool that can be used in a variety of situations. Soda is completely non-toxic, so it is widely used in the household. And how does she behave when ingested? Once in the stomach, it interacts with gastric juice and neutralizes acid. As a result, heartburn passes quickly.

The use of baking soda when performing a gargle

If during pregnancy a woman gets SARS, possibly influenza, and earlier, with these ailments, she was always saved using soda, then this remedy can be used. Since such a procedure will not harm the baby, as well as the expectant mother.

But its benefits can be quite tangible, taking into account the fact that during pregnancy there is a ban on a large number of drugs and herbal remedies.

With laryngitis, stomatitis, as well as pharyngitis and tonsillitis, you can rinse your mouth with a solution of baking soda. To prepare it, you need to add one or two teaspoons of this product to 250 grams of warm water.

But do not forget that during pregnancy, before using soda, you should always consult your doctor.

But on the other hand

Unfortunately, this does not end there. Therefore, the question of whether soda can be drunk during pregnancy is regularly raised. Once in the stomach, soda extinguishes acid, but the body perceives it in its own way. Namely, as information that it is required to produce more acid, since it is not enough. The brain sends a signal, and the production of gastric juice comes with a vengeance. Therefore, very soon the unpleasant sensations will return.

If you resort to this tool again, the situation will only worsen. Therefore, it is recommended to use special drugs that are sold at the pharmacy. Can I drink soda during pregnancy? Of course, a single dose will not do much harm. But escaping with her help from adversity is regularly undesirable. In addition, you need to know how to use it. It is in your power to minimize side effects.

Baking soda for toothache during gestation

Some pregnant women are overcome by toothache, which is a fairly common and common phenomenon. This problem, as a rule, overtakes those expectant mothers who do not carefully monitor the oral cavity. Toothache does not pose a danger to the health of the baby and his mother, but it is a fairly strong source of stress, which, as we know, is contraindicated during pregnancy.

In case of severe toothache, you should immediately consult a dentist, but if this is not possible, then improvised means will help to eliminate these unpleasant sensations. The most effective of these substances is soda. To do this, it is necessary to prepare a soda solution: in one glass of warm boiled water, add two teaspoons of soda. The resulting solution must be thoroughly rinsed with the oral cavity.

Soda as a means to help establish the fact of pregnancy

In conclusion, I would like to say about the folk method, which is the very home test that helps determine pregnancy. To conduct it, you should collect somewhere one hundred grams of morning urine. It is necessary to add a teaspoon of soda to the container with the obtained liquid, if after this hissing occurs, foam or bubbles appear, this means that there is no pregnancy.

But if you find out that soda will be in the sediment, that is, it will not react with urine, this indicates the presence of pregnancy. Earlier, our great-grandmothers quite often used precisely this method to establish the fact of conception. Maybe, of course, this sounds a little funny, but you can try.

What harm can soda do during pregnancy? In the case when the expectant mother uses soda for cosmetic purposes: when taking a bath to get rid of corns, sweating and the like, then the doctors have no objection to using this product. However, when using soda as a medicine, it must be remembered that this drug does not always have a beneficial effect on the body.

So, for example, you should not take soda inside during pregnancy. Since it is able to provoke the appearance of irritation of the intestinal mucosa, and it can also accumulate in the body, thereby enhancing swelling. And if, nevertheless, her future mother applied, then the doctor should definitely tell about it.

But if a woman is prone to the appearance of swelling, then taking soda during pregnancy is definitely not necessary, in frequency in the second half of pregnancy.

What should i look for when using soda?

Initially, it must be understood that baking soda is not a drug. From this tool, you can only prepare a solution with a slightly alkaline environment, no more.

Soda during pregnancy does not pose a danger to either the baby or the mother, it is completely non-toxic, however, here it is necessary to carry out its treatment, since there are safe medical devices for these purposes.

Baking soda in the inflammatory process of the mucous membranes can somewhat reduce pain, but it can not completely eliminate this problem. The use of this tool should not be replaced by a visit to a specialist, as well as the use of appropriate drugs. Take care of your health!

Thrush and soda

Thrush (candidiasis) is a companion to many pregnant women. Hormonal changes occurring during the period of gestation provoke the rapid multiplication of Candida fungi (wikipedia Candida). In addition, thrush often occurs with a decrease in immunity, which is typical for any expectant mother.

At the same time, taking most medicines is contraindicated, and authorized medications are not always at hand. Therefore, baking soda can serve as an ambulance. Of course, it will not cure thrush, but it will reduce the manifestation of such unpleasant symptoms as itching, inflammation, and excretion. Soda does not harm either the expectant mother or her baby.

To combat the symptoms of thrush, prepare a soda solution. In a glass (250 ml) of warm boiled water, dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda. Wash with soda composition every day for a week. You can also douch. In any case, consult your healthcare provider before performing the procedures.

Heartburn Soda

Even if before pregnancy the woman did not know what heartburn is, now she is likely to get acquainted with this unpleasant sensation. A growing baby puts pressure on the mother’s internal organs, and a burning sensation arises from pressure on her stomach. Not wanting to endure this discomfort, a woman, out of habit, can use baking soda. But is this folk remedy so harmless during the period of bearing the baby?

When heartburn occurs, baking soda is really able to provide emergency assistance. Reacting with gastric juice, sodium bicarbonate neutralizes the acid, which is the cause of the "adversity." However, the carbon dioxide released during the process increases the secretion of gastric juice, and the symptoms of heartburn come back after a while.

It turns out that soda brings only temporary relief. But at the same time, it causes edema, which is especially critical during the second half of pregnancy. And it does not affect the intestinal mucosa in the best way. Therefore, it is not advisable to save soda during heartburn, especially for expectant mothers, which means that taking soda and a solution with its contents inside during pregnancy is not recommended.

Today you can find much more gentle means for the body than soda. For example, medications such as Maalox and Alfogel can be taken. These are nonabsorbable antacids that can be safely used during pregnancy.

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Is it possible for a future mother to treat sore throat

It is difficult for a woman in a position to protect herself from colds and infections. And one of the typical symptoms of these diseases is a sore throat. Everyone knows that if, at the slightest manifestation of ARVI or ARI, gargle with water and soda, the pain will gradually subside.

To do this, it is enough to dilute 1 tsp. soda and salt taken in the same amount in one glass of warm water (250 ml). This soda-salt solution will relieve you from pain when swallowing. Baking soda can be harmful during pregnancy if you swallow it, but if you rinse it, it will perfectly cope with the unpleasant manifestations of diseases such as tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis and stomatitis.

Pregnant women can gargle with soda solution. But do not forget that this method must be combined with the treatment prescribed by the doctor.

When is soda used?

Expectant mothers can safely use soda to treat thrush, toothache, and gum disease. It is useful for the disposal of corns and corns. If you use soda for these purposes, it will be useful.

But in order to understand whether soda is useful during pregnancy, it is necessary to consider the physiology of its occurrence. The uterus as a result of proliferation begins to compress all neighboring organs. Gradually, the stomach begins to shift upward, thereby causing direct pressure on the esophagus. Under the influence of these factors, the sphincter weakens, food gets back, thereby causing heartburn. In other words, you won’t be able to get rid directly of the cause of its occurrence, but you can remove unpleasant symptoms.

Many people use soda to get rid of heartburn, and it really goes away in 5-10 minutes. As for pregnant women, it is not recommended to rinse soda during pregnancy without first consulting a doctor.

Toothache and baking soda

Toothache can occur at any time. This is especially true for those who do not carefully monitor the health of the oral cavity. And although toothache does not pose a threat to the condition of the mother and fetus, she can cause a lot of suffering to the expectant mother.

And if before that you could undoubtedly resort to a soda solution, now you can doubt the correctness of its use. Of course, if a toothache occurs, you should immediately consult a dentist, but since this possibility does not always exist, you can use your usual improvised means.

Prepare a solution from a glass (250 ml) of warm boiled water and two teaspoons of soda. Rinse the mouth thoroughly with the resulting composition throughout the day. This prescription is quite effective and will help you get rid of pain before you find yourself in the dentist's office.

Soda during pregnancy: benefits

Experienced experts are of the following opinion: the use of soda in a certain amount will not harm either the expectant mother or the baby. Many gynecologists recommend that patients take soda, warning that this can be done in two cases:

1. Symptoms of heartburn are intense.

2. There are no remedies for heartburn at hand.

It is recommended to use the following recipe: in 200 ml, dissolve 2 pinches of salt, stir, drink.

Important! You need to drink the drug on an empty stomach.

Drinking soda on a full stomach is harmful, it will provoke an additional release of gastric juice, which means that acidity will increase even more.

Soda during pregnancy: contraindications

The state of relief does not last long, 30-40 minutes after the fight against heartburn, she may return again. The fact is that carbon dioxide negatively affects the esophagus, and this becomes a new reason for another attack of heartburn. Immediately after the action of soda ends, heartburn returns with renewed vigor.

These are not all the disadvantages of using soda in pregnant women, there are others:

1. As a result of excess sodium salts, a pregnant woman will begin to suffer from edema.

2. Blood alkalizes, this will affect the state of the urinary system and kidneys.

3. Failure of the intestines.

4. Frequent use of soda can lead to a malfunction of the cardiovascular system.

Is it possible to soda from heartburn during pregnancy?

Yes, but as mentioned above, the effect will not last long. No need to risk the health of your baby. Heartburn is just a temporary phenomenon that will pass immediately after the baby is born. Be patient, because soon everything will pass and you will be able to see your long-awaited child.

Correct proportions

It is important for a woman in a position to adhere to the recipe and not to change the proportion. In no case should you swallow the powder, even if you then drink it with water. Speaking about whether it is possible to drink soda during pregnancy, it should be noted that it is very important to follow the recommendations prescribed by the doctor. Only then does this substance become relatively safe for the digestive tract.

To prepare the solution, you need to dilute a teaspoon of soda in 100 ml of water. In this mixture you need to add a couple of drops of citric acid or half a spoonful of table vinegar. So that the sediment does not enter the body, you need to wait a few minutes until the reaction passes, and do not drink until the end. But what if you have a troubled stomach and have heartburn during pregnancy? Can i drink soda? In this case, when cooking pops, you need to adhere to smaller proportions. It takes a quarter tablespoon of soda and lemon juice. Vinegar in this case is contraindicated.

With severe heartburn

Only at first glance is this a minor problem. Those who have suffered a painful burning sensation know that it is possible to pay dearly for salvation from adversity. Therefore, soda from severe heartburn during pregnancy is used, despite the admonitions of doctors. But sometimes pop does not help, and there is nothing else at hand. In this case, you can try the following recipe.

Take a glass of milk and heat slightly. Add a quarter teaspoon of soda and mix thoroughly. Wait 30 seconds and drink slowly. Usually within a few minutes it becomes easier. This method is not recommended to be used too often. It is rather an option for emergency relief.

Your awareness

Most often, it leaves much to be desired. When resorting to this tool, women really do not know whether it is possible to drink soda during pregnancy. There are several reasons why this solution is not recommended.

  1. This is not a cure. In this way, you only drown out the symptoms of heartburn. Pop for a while will alleviate the condition and remove the burning sensation. But soon a double dose of gastric juice will develop, which will cause even more painful heartburn.
  2. Soda contains sodium, which is able to accumulate and retain water. This contributes to edema, which is a big risk in the last months of pregnancy.

Advantages and disadvantages

Is it possible to use baking soda during pregnancy by mouth? You should ask your doctor. In fact, she can sleep with a lifesaver at a time when there are no more drugs on hand and her sensations are very painful. But this does not mean that you can use it uncontrollably. Yes, this is a great option in an emergency. The negative side - heartburn very soon will bother again. Pop does not last long, but it irritates the digestive tract. This phenomenon is called acid rebound.

What to keep in mind

Expectant mother needs to pay more attention to traditional medicine. They are safer and operate very carefully. Of course, there are situations when nothing else is at hand. And still you should think about it before resorting to the help of soda whether it is possible to drink it. During pregnancy, this "treatment" is fraught with kidney problems. With frequent use of this tool, edema may appear. The fact is that soda provokes the process of alkalization in the blood. In some cases, such treatment leads to disruption of the intestines, and sometimes even the heart and blood vessels. You can not call soda a prohibited drug. In some cases, it can help. But it is better to avoid using it to combat heartburn.

Instead, you can use the pharmacy drugs "Rennie", "Maalox", "Almagel", "Gaviscon." Usually they are well tolerated and relieve the condition. But there is a minus: they all contain aluminum and calcium salts. As a result, constipation develops, which for future mothers is already the number 1 problem. It should be understood that you are not struggling with an incurable disease. Heartburn when carrying a baby is normal. Therefore, you need to try to muffle the attack with chewing gum or seeds, a decoction of chamomile. If the sensations are very painful, take the means recommended by your doctor, do not engage in amateur performances. Usually in this case, the doctor recommends a consultation with a gastroenterologist.

Opinion of expectant mothers

We are also interested in reviews. Soda from heartburn during pregnancy is used from time to time by almost every woman in an interesting position. Many mothers say they did not plan to take her. But when at night there was a severe attack of heartburn, I did not have to choose. The effect is felt immediately, and you can safely fall asleep. But in the morning you have to face a relapse. And two options remain: drink more soda or adjust the diet. Perhaps one of the products gives such an effect. A good way out is to break the meals into more frequent and smaller ones.

How else can I use soda

The period of bearing a baby lasts a long nine months. During this time, anything can happen. Most medications remain banned, so an alternative is needed. That can be soda.

  • It is great for gargling. If you have ARVI or the flu, laryngitis or stomatitis, pharyngitis or tonsillitis - feel free to make a solution and start rinsing. This requires 1-2 teaspoons to dissolve in a glass of water.
  • With toothache. It is not dangerous for mother and child, but is extremely unpleasant. Of course, it is best to consult a dentist, but if this is not possible, then rinse your mouth with soda solution. To do this, add two teaspoons of soda to a glass of warm water.

That is, soda in many situations is an excellent assistant for the future mother and not only. But you can use it inside only occasionally, in emergency cases. If the problem recurs, it is necessary to consult a doctor so that he carries out a diagnosis and selects the appropriate treatment. Frequent use of soda with heartburn usually only leads to a worsening of the situation.

Pregnancy Test with Soda

It is interesting that our grandmothers used soda even to determine pregnancy, because they did not have modern tests and ultrasound at their disposal. As you know, you should not completely hope for this method, but you can try this home method for determining pregnancy.

So, you will need freshly collected morning urine and baking soda. It will be nice if you prepare a transparent container. Add soda to the urine and observe the reaction:

  • if the liquid is covered with foam and hisses, it means that you are not pregnant,
  • if there is no visible reaction, and a precipitate has formed at the bottom, this indicates pregnancy.

Pay attention

When using baking soda, do not forget that it does not apply to medicines, so it can not cure you of various diseases. With inflammation of the mucous membranes, soda only temporarily relieves you of pain and itching. The use of home prescriptions with this tool does not cancel the visit to the doctor and the use of medicines.

Soda is not a toxic substance, but it can still harm, especially if you are expecting a baby. A solution with a slightly alkaline medium can be prepared from soda, but in no case should you drink it! This is especially true for pregnant women, located to the frequent occurrence of edema. And if the un expectant mother nevertheless drank this solution, you need to inform your doctor about it.

Baking soda is an excellent assistant in the treatment of sore throat, toothaches and symptoms of thrush. Its use is also not forbidden for cosmetic purposes, for example, when taking a bath to get rid of sweating. Use soda correctly and be healthy!

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