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What you need to eat at - breakfast to lose weight: says a nutritionist


Almost all nutritionists advise against skipping breakfast. But what to do if you do not eat breakfast because you do not have time, but simply do not want to eat in the morning! There are people whose desire to eat grows during the day, becomes simply unbearable in the evening, they can struggle with the desire to eat all night, suffer and not sleep because of this, and in the morning ... the desire to eat somehow miraculously disappears.

What to do? Listen to your body. The harm from an evening breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time will be less than a neurosis due to the inability to eat when you want, and breakfast is by force.

Some time ago, a diet for weight loss was even popular, which was based on a one-time intake of food. The authors of the diet said that once a day you can afford to eat anything you like, anyway it is impossible to eat full servings of a diet of 3-5 single meals at a time. In addition, the stomach during the time that the food is not taken, is reduced, it can not take a lot of food, a person quickly feels a sense of fullness. Now, such food is not so popular, nevertheless, doctors are inclined to think that large breaks between food intake are not desirable.

Below we publish a summary of two news from one medical site, news published with a difference of 10 days.

Full breakfast helps to lose weight

Daniela Yakubovits (Tel Aviv, Israel) claims that a full breakfast for people on a diet for weight loss allows you to lose significantly more kilograms than an even distribution of food throughout the day.

The experiment showed that with a diet of equal calorie content (1400 kcal) for three months, the participants in the breakfast group in the morning lost an average of 8 kg more than those who ate the most high-calorie foods at other times.

Scientists emphasize that food intake affects digestibility (circadian cycle), so it is important, sometimes it is more important than consumed foods. Appetite hormone is produced to a lesser extent in the group having breakfast in the morning. What can you eat for breakfast if you want to cook quickly? Classic Russian breakfast - scrambled eggs. It will do. You just need to remember that it is better to fry on a special cooking oil containing palm oil, it does not give trans fats when frying. Sweet coffee + a sandwich with a spread is also suitable.

Reference:the circadian cycle - the fluctuations of biological processes in the body associated with temporary changes in daylight, you can call it the "internal clock of the body", they include certain processes in the body at a time when this process can go most optimally. For example, at night - sleep, in the morning - urination, at about 10 hours - the most brain activity and the like.

Retreat. Earnestly? Maybe. Although the human circadian cycle is subject to a change of day and night. In experiments conducted in caves without sunlight (volunteers lived in the cave for several months), the circadian rhythm remained constant for a short time, then it began to increase and reached 36 hours by the end of the experiment. But the cycle of internal organs does not correspond to the 24-hour rhythm. They count it, but it would be necessary to eat in accordance with these calculations at different times. So compliance with the regime in terms of physiology is not so necessary.

Refusing breakfast will help you lose weight

David Lewicki (Cornell University, USA) believes that refusing breakfast helps to lose weight, since it does not affect overeating at all during the day. And the total number of calories will be reduced, which means that a person will lose weight.

This also confirmed the experiment. The participants were offered the same foods (calories per day 1600kcal), but one group had to eat according to the recommended diet (750: 550: 200kcal), the second could dispose of the products at its discretion, a prerequisite: do not eat until 13 hours.

Participants in the second group noted that by lunchtime they experienced a feeling of hunger. But as a result, they consumed 400 (!) Kcal less and, therefore, lost more weight.

Retreat. You need to listen to the advice of nutritionists. But the main criterion for proper nutrition is your well-being. Therefore, if you do not feel like having breakfast in the morning, then you don’t have to. A cup of coffee is not a bad alternative, and coffee also extends your life. A healthy diet should ensure efficiency throughout the day, well-being and optimism.

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To begin with, we note that porridge (even whole grain!), Cottage cheese or yogurt with berries, for all its apparent usefulness, is not the best option for a morning meal. There are a lot of carbohydrates in this breakfast, a little protein and no healthy fats at all. And given the fact that in the morning the sensitivity of cells to insulin increases, you get hungry very quickly. In order to feel long satiety, consider the following rules.

Combine Proteins, Proper Fats, and Carbohydrates

Fats will give you energy, complex carbohydrates - a long feeling of satiety, proteins will help to disperse the metabolism. In the meantime, your brain comprehends how to create such a breakfast, we offer you some ideas. The simplest is an omelet, with a vegetable salad seasoned with olive oil, a whole grain sandwich with nut pasta and lean meat, red fish rolls with soft cheese and herbs.

Allow yourself some simple carbohydrates

As you know, carbohydrates are better to eat in the morning. For breakfast, it is better not to abuse them - they should account for about 30-40% of the calorie intake of a morning meal. But to deny yourself the pleasure is also not worth it. Most of the morning carbohydrates will be deposited in the liver - overnight its reserves have been depleted, and the remaining ones will be utilized due to the stress hormone - cortisol, whose level rises in the morning. And another important point, with a sufficient amount of carbohydrates for breakfast, your body will not pull them out of the muscles. What carbohydrates to choose for breakfast? It can be a small slice of dark chocolate, a piece of natural marshmallow or marmalade, or a mug of fresh berries.

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Focus on squirrels

In the morning you can eat up to 22 g of protein. This is about 100 g of lean meat, poultry or fish, a couple of eggs, a slice of hard cheese (the latter is best not to abuse, it has enough fat) or a cup of legumes. It will saturate much better than the same porridge (although at first glance such a breakfast seems to be solid), and during the day you will be less “bitten”.

Add vitamins and minerals

To get at least a fraction of the vitamins and minerals your body needs, you must eat 450 to 700 grams of fruit, non-starchy vegetables and herbs a day! But how is it really going? An apple eaten between occasions, some greens to decorate the main course and, at best, a vegetable salad for dinner. This amount is clearly not enough. Include a vitamin dish in your breakfast - a quarter of the daily allowance. What could it be? The easiest option is a smoothie of vegetables, herbs and any fruit or berries. Make it a rule to do it every day. For this, cucumbers, celery stalks, unsweetened apples or berries (you can previously thawed), any sprouts are suitable.

Turn on the bright light

It would seem, what does this have to do with weight loss and nutrition? The most direct! Daylight helps our body wake up, stimulates the production of cortisol and reduces melatonin. By the level of illumination, your brain understands that a new day has begun, and wakes up. And with it, after a while, a feeling of hunger wakes up. If you get up in the dark, and in the dark are going to study or work, then what kind of desire to eat in the morning can we talk about? So, you get up and immediately turn on the bright light, and you have breakfast no later than 30-40 minutes after waking up.

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The right breakfast for effective weight loss /

The main thing in breakfast is the balance of nutrients and enough calories for activity, but not enough to put them off. The diet should contain protein and fat, at least a little, as well as complex carbohydrates and a lot of fiber, in order to have a stimulating effect on digestion.

So, the basic part of breakfast is complex carbohydrates in the form of starch (from plant foods) or glycogen (an animal analogue of starch). It could be buckwheat or oatmeal porridge in milk or water, wheat bran, natural granola without additives. It would be nice to make an addition to the base part in the form of a protein component - eggs, boiled chicken or steam cutlet. An analogue of meat products can be dairy.

Fats are also useful in breakfast - it’s better if it will be vegetable oil or quality butter. You also need a lot of fruits or vegetables - do salad or sliced.

If you physically cannot force yourself to have breakfast - at first eat fruit and half an egg, and gradually teach yourself to have breakfast - this good habit.

Drinking for breakfast is good natural cofferather than soluble surrogates, or Black tea - These drinks help to lose weight. Wean from cream and sugar in coffee - they will not bring benefits.

Myths about breakfast

Television and the media instill in us the stereotypes of breakfast, which must certainly be in every home, and we begin to consider them true. But is it really so?

The right breakfast for effective weight loss /

Let's talk about these myths in more detail:

  • Citrus juice for breakfast is actually not as healthy as is commonly thought. Due to fruit acids, it can irritate the stomach and cause discomfort, spoil tooth enamel and interfere with digestion. Juice should be drunk no earlier than an hour after breakfast.
  • yogurt with special bacteria, which, in addition to nutrition, also supposedly enhances immunity, in fact, no more than advertising. Only yogurt with a shelf life of no more than 3-5 days and not from plastic jars can be useful. In widely advertised yoghurts from real yoghurts there is only a name.
  • muesli, according to their manufacturers, is also an excellent breakfast, but the method of obtaining muesli is far from the principles of proper nutrition: cereals lose some of the useful minerals and vitaminsand the fruit in muesli is gassed for a bright color. According to many studies, some cereals have more fat than fried potatoes.
  • they say that it’s bad to eat cheese for breakfast, they are fatty. But as we said above, a little fat in breakfast is only good, so a couple of pieces of cheese will give a serving of protein and fat for strength and energy. Just do not eat sharp and salty cheese.
  • there is also the myth that breakfast is not worth it eat bananassince they are high in calories. Opinion: banana calories for breakfast are not dangerous, in addition, the banana due to its structure envelops the digestive system and activates peristalsis. In addition, bananas give a sense of calm and relieve manifestations of premenstrual syndrome.

What can I eat?

You can make your own breakfast menu according to your wishes and possibilities, because it is easy and easy to eat tasty and healthy.

Here are examples of breakfasts:

  • oatmeal with raspberries, toast with cheese and butter, black coffee,
  • pita bread with chicken and tomato, a cocktail of berries with cereals and yogurt,
  • cottage cheese casserole with apple, green tea,
  • steam omelet with dill and feta, coffee with cinnamon,
  • buckwheat with vegetables and meatballs, black tea with lemon.

There can be many breakfast options, it depends on you what your morning diet and mood for the whole day will be. Proper nutrition gives vigor, and not extra centimeters at the waist. Breakfast is not a meal that should be discarded.

What did you eat for breakfast today?