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9 chips in makeup and hairstyle that will help to look younger (About lengthening mascara is especially interesting)


Lipstick is real magic. There are a huge number of shades and colors of lipstick, so you can always create a make-up that is suitable for your outfit or transform with a color accent.

Lipstick is a fairly versatile cosmetic product, however, many women make some mistakes when using it. If you want your lips to be flawless, study this information.


Never forget to bring your lips together. This is necessary so that the lipstick sticks to your skin better. If you do not want cosmetics spreading all over your face, start with eyeliner. By the way, let's immediately deal with the stereotype that you only need to trace your lips. Yes, it really helps the lipstick not to spread, however, by the end of the day it will seem that the makeup remained only on the edges of the lips. If you do not want to face such an untidy result, apply eyeliner to the entire surface of the lips. This is the most effective way to create lasting lip makeup.

Excessive contouring

Some people do not use eyeliner at all, but others use it incorrectly. You can slightly circle the lips behind their natural contour so that they seem more magnificent, but do not be too zealous at the same time. If you do so, your makeup will look clownish. As a rule, lips should be encircled along their natural edge. You can apply concealer around the edges of the lips, and then use eyeliner to match the tone of the lips or one shade darker to draw the edge a little further, and then paint your lips completely. After that, apply lipstick on top.

Excessive Gloss

Gloss is quite sticky and quickly spreads, in windy weather it can be completely inconvenient to use. Nevertheless, this is a good way to add a little color or make lips fuller. Its application does not require such accuracy as lipstick, but it is very important to monitor the measure. Just a thin layer, applied with a single motion of the applicator. If you apply too thick a layer, you will have sticky dirt on your hands and face.

Refusal of hygienic lipstick

Hygienic lipsticks and balms are necessary for everyone who uses regular lipstick. Some of its varieties can greatly dry the skin of the lips. If you use balm, your lips will be moisturized and smooth. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that you can not apply the balm right before applying the lipstick. In this case, the cosmetics will mix and the lipstick will not be permanent. Apply the balm, then do the makeup of the whole face, style the hair, and when the balm is already absorbed, apply lipstick.

Refusal of a scrub

If your lips peel off, they will not look attractive with lipstick. On the contrary, cosmetics will only emphasize areas with dry skin more strongly. If you want to look stylish and flawless, always use a lip scrub and moisturize them after this procedure.

Wrong subton

Lipstick is not too different from the tonal foundation - it is perfect for transforming the appearance, but you need to choose the right shade to look good. If you choose a too dark color, you will look dramatic, but some like it. In addition, it is important to consider that lipstick should match the tone of your skin - it can be cold or warm. Pay attention to the tone of lipstick. Red is most often considered warm, but you can also find red lipstick with a bluish undertone, which is perfect for people with a pale face.

Incorrect makeup completion

If you want your lipstick to stay on your lips all day, you need to learn a few tricks. First of all, as already mentioned, you need to apply eyeliner over the entire surface of the lips, then use a primer, and then another layer of eyeliner. After this, the lipstick will last much longer. In addition, you should correctly complete the application of cosmetics - use a transparent lipstick.

Stains on clothes

One of the most unpleasant features of lipstick is that it can stain clothes or teeth. However, there is an easy way to deal with stains. As mentioned earlier, you need to apply a transparent powder. It will help provide lipstick lasting and prevent stains. In addition, try to choose a liquid matte lipstick - such cosmetics do not stain clothes. If we are talking about teeth, then you can always do a simple test with your finger. After you have finished applying the lipstick, place a finger in your mouth and take it out, squeezing your lips first. All excess from the inside of the lips will remain on the finger, and you will not need to worry about the fact that you have lipstick on your teeth.

Excessive dryness

Many liquid and matte lipsticks dry the skin of the lips, which can be neutralized to some extent by lip balms. However, if your lips are constantly dry, you probably should not constantly use cosmetics that dry them. Instead, switch to moisturizing options that contain natural oils. Nowadays, the range is so wide that you can get great color and hydration at the same time.


You can choose from the widest color palette. There are classic options, muted shades, lipstick to match the skin and bright lipstick with sparkles. You may have all of these options, but you need to think about when one is appropriate. Bright, neon and shiny lipsticks are good for parties and photo shoots, but they will not be appropriate in the workplace. Choose cosmetics wisely, and then you will always look great!

1. Add warm light strands to the hairstyle

With age, many women tend to lighten their hair. And not in vain, lighter shades really refresh and help reset several years. But there are a couple of nuances.

Firstly, choose warm shades. If you dye your hair in an ashen blond, then it will probably add to your years than visually rejuvenate. Secondly, it is not necessary to completely lighten the hair, just add light strands of natural shades to the hairstyle. This will help to refresh even the warm brown tone of the hair, which is not for everyone.

If becoming a blonde is too dramatic a change for you, then limit yourself to a warm chocolate shade, but make sure that it goes well with your skin color, otherwise the hair will look unnatural.

2. Give eyebrows a natural shade and visually make them thicker

Clear eyebrows of saturated color visually make the face younger. And this opinion is not only makeup artists, but also scientists. In one study, they asked volunteers to look at pictures of people with different face contrasts: some had eyebrows and lips that were less bright, while others had the opposite. Most participants in the experiment considered younger women with contrasting eyebrows and lips.

That is why it makes sense to use eye shadow or eyebrow pencil to “fill in the gaps” and make this part of your face brighter.

If you have very fair hair, then a shade of eyebrows two shades darker will look more advantageous than eyebrows to match the hair. Brunettes or brown-haired women have less problems because their hair is already dark in color. All you need to do is give them a suitable shape and fill in areas with a small number of hairs with pencil or shadows.

3. Make lips visually fuller, but do not overdo it

With age, the lips of women become thinner, and there is no getting around it. Some solve this problem with the help of a beautician, while others are limited to proper makeup.

Visually, lips can be enlarged with a pencil to match your lips. It will help you draw the outline you need. It is only important not to overdo it and not to make a completely unrealistic and even funny makeup. It is enough to step back just a couple of millimeters from the real contour and fill in the most problematic places. Then you can paint your lips with colored lipstick, focusing on a new contour.

Special exercises, which do not require much time, will also help to make lips younger with no injections.

4. Choose more voluminous and slightly sloppy hairstyles

Any perfect hairstyle, whether it is evenly laid curls or straightened hairs to hairs, visually age. Hairdressers advise to make a more sloppy, lively hairstyle for all those who want to look younger. Both a high tail and loose hair will do.

If you want curls, then restrict yourself to light natural waves. And if you prefer straight hair, then do a cascading haircutas, for example, Jennifer Aniston or Reese Witherspoon. Shorter facial hair will help soften the contour and visually rejuvenate.

5. Whiten your teeth

Even if you have healthy white teeth since childhood, then with age they lose their whiteness due to the foods we eat or lifestyle. At the same time, beautiful white teeth always look attractive, and one of the studies even proved that a snow-white smile helps a person look 5 years younger. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to it.

Experts recommend choosing the right tone for lightening and not overdoing it in this matter. The natural whiteness of teeth always looks more spectacular than excessive.