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Injuries during sex in women


The relationship between a man and a woman cannot be imagined without intimacy, during which both partners receive not only physical, but also emotional pleasure from the so-called merger.

If during sex there is pain in the vagina, then it is unlikely that a woman will be able to get her dose of pleasure. In such a situation, you need to go to the doctor to help him determine the cause of the discomfort and return to the fair sex the very feelings that are so important for the completeness of the relationship.

In addition to pain, itching may also appear if it is a genitourinary infection. In this case, a consultation with a gynecologist is simply necessary.


Pain in the vagina during intercourse can be psychological. And the doctor should understand the problem. If no physiological reasons are found during the diagnosis, then the psychotherapist should solve the problem.

If during sex the vagina and vulva hurt, then this phenomenon is called dyspareunia. The pain continues after intercourse. This symptom is characteristic of vulvodynia and vaginismus, which we will discuss below.

Vulvodynia is characterized by unpleasant sensations both in the vagina and outside. Usually, pain occurs due to injuries, neoplasms, vulvovaginitis, skin lesions in the intimate area.

In the case of vaginismus, the muscles contract painfully if the penis or other objects (tampon, finger) are inserted into the vagina. This happens on the basis of a conditioned reflex. No pathologies in a woman are usually found. On examination by a gynecologist, a woman complains of a burning and sharp pain, which gives a very unpleasant sensation.

Vaginal pain during sex can be of three types:

  • superficial, exciting labia and entrance to the vagina,
  • deep, when the pain is felt inside the vagina, radiating to nearby organs,
  • postpartum, which worries a woman usually after the first birth.

When the vagina hurts when excited, or rather the entrance to it, affecting the region of the labia minora, then we are talking about superficial pain. Discomfort can be observed not only during intercourse, but also with the following manipulations and actions:

  • gynecological examination
  • both with the introduction of the swab, and when removing it,
  • when riding a bike,
  • if the woman is sitting on a hard chair or other similar surface.

This type of pain is most common.

In the vagina, pain during intercourse of a deep type occurs almost immediately after the introduction of the penis and lasts for some time, even after the end of the process. The patient complains of discomfort not only inside the vagina, but also in the abdomen, perineum, and rectum. According to the women themselves, inside something seems to be standing in the way of the penis or tampon.

Postpartum pain so far no one can explain. Often faced by women who gave birth for the first time. Also, pain can be observed in nursing mothers. The main and pleasant feature of this discomfort is that it disappears on its own within 3-6 months, but sometimes it can last a year.

Any woman will ask if the vagina hurts during sex - why is this happening? She will want to find out the reasons. We’ll talk about them.


Diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses are always associated with pain. So we are talking about chlamydia, candida, herpes virus, ureplasma, mycoplasma, gardnerella and so on.

With the activity of these microorganisms, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the neck and body of the uterus, the external genital organs of a woman, and the vagina occurs. Then, during sex, the vagina hurts, because the affected tissue is immediately injured by friction. The inflammatory process is characterized by unusual discharge, itching and burning.

In order to get rid of the infection, it is necessary to undergo examination by a gynecologist who will conduct an examination and prescribe tests for infections. The results obtained will help determine the causative agent of inflammation and the appropriate treatment regimen will be chosen. Usually antibiotics are needed, either local or general spectrum of action and drugs to relieve inflammation.

After childbirth

At the doctor’s appointment, some women ask the question: why does the vagina hurt during sex, although everything was normal before the birth? Let's try to figure it out.

After delivery, there are complications. These include endometritis and adnexitis. In the first case, inflammation occurs in the uterus itself, its mucous layer, and with adnexitis, pathology is observed in the uterine appendages (ovaries and tubes). The appearance of these diseases is associated with the fact that the female body has experienced extreme stress, so immunity falls.

In addition, vaginal pain may be associated with mechanical damage during childbirth. Stitches from tears hurt for a while, so intercourse can be unpleasant.

Due to hormonal changes after childbirth, a violation of the moisture of the vagina is possible, which can also provoke pain during sex. To get rid of this condition, you need to start sexual intercourse with a prelude, you can also use lubricants.

Why does the vagina and lower abdomen hurt during intercourse when a man enters his penis? That's because the ligaments holding the uterus were torn. This usually happens after childbirth. It is possible to treat such a pathology with physiotherapy, a laser method and medications. A doctor will tell you more about therapy.

If a woman has recently suffered some kind of trauma, childbirth or surgery, then for some time it will hurt in the vagina during sex.

In addition, the process of giving birth to a baby is sometimes accompanied by tears or incisions in the perineum, which require suturing. During healing, a scar can form and normal blood supply is disturbed. From this and discomfort during intercourse.

You can solve the problem with Kegel exercises. But it is very important to carry them out correctly. To strengthen the muscles of the vagina, it is necessary to tighten the muscles of the pelvic floor, while relaxing the stomach, hips and buttocks, to stay in this position for 3-10 seconds, depending on physical fitness. Repeat the exercise no more than 10 times. The goal is to increase the long-term delay in voltage.

Over time, unpleasant sensations pass, because the tissues grow together and heal the rupture site. The main thing is to prevent the appearance of gross scars, which may be caused by infection in the wound. If this could not be avoided, then the surgeon will need help to complete the breastfeeding.

What are injuries?

Of course, “battle wounds” from sex include scratches, bruises from a passionate kiss or a head bang on the headboard. But nevertheless, injuries are called violations of the integrity of the skin or mucous membranes in the genital area.

In large cities with injuries after an intimacy, several women go to doctors a month. These are not women of easy virtue, but the most ordinary wives or girlfriends who did not take into account their own anatomical features and their relationship with the size of the partner.

A trifle, but unpleasant

The most harmless, but from this no less unpleasant are various kinds of rubbing. They occur with very long and frequent sexual intercourse and a lack of lubrication. As a result of friction of the skin on the dry mucosa, edema of the tissues of the labia minora and entry into the vagina, microscopic tears and soreness when washing or having sex occur. These injuries are not dangerous, but unpleasant - for several days they will cool ardent lovers.

During the healing of these wounds, you should refrain from sexual intimacy and use solutions of antiseptics (Epigen or Miramistin). This will prevent infection of microtrauma. If the pain does not go away in 3-5 days, you should consult a doctor. Sometimes similar symptoms give sexually transmitted infections.

Minor injuries

Minor injuries can cause piercing in intimate places (in the area of ​​the clitoris, labia), regrowing hair in intimate places or stubble on the face (in case of oral sex). Using sophisticated postures, you can get dislocations and sprains.

Bites, bruises on the neck, scratched shoulders and back may appear in the heat of passion.

Bites in intimate places are painful and do not heal well on the nipples, labia. On the clitoris, with a bite, a very painful hematoma can even form. Wounds after bites in the intimate zone often become infected and bleed, therefore they require a doctor's consultation if the pain persists after a couple of days.

One of the typical traumatic injuries during sex on carpets is burns to the back and lower back, usually in women. They occur due to intense friction on the pile of the carpet with the skin. After some time, redness with a strong burning sensation forms on the skin, the integrity of the skin is damaged or forms a blister, as in a burn.

Serious injuries

Injuries during sex in women

With very hard sex, genital injuries are possible, provoking pain in the inguinal region, urination disorders and pain with it. In addition, with a partner’s large penis, a woman may develop internal injuries - ruptures of the anterior wall of the vagina or vaginal vault (area of ​​transition into the cervix).

With a sharp and deep insertion of the penis into the vagina, sharp pain and bleeding can occur, especially if the angle of insertion is not parallel to the axis of the vagina. This can occur when changing the posture and throwing the woman’s legs onto the man’s shoulders. Similar injuries are acquired by women whose partners have impressive dimensions of “dignity” as well as those who use non-physiologically large sizes, sexual toys.

With deep penetration, injuries of the uterus and ligaments are possible - with a strong push with a penis, a woman can feel a sharp pain in the abdomen. As a result of the sprain of the ligaments that hold the uterus, it can shift from its normal axis and in the future threatens with a violation of reproductive function.

Alternative Sexual Injuries

Injuries during sex in women

The leader in injuries is anal sex, during an intimate relationship, the mucosa of the rectum can be damaged, the sphincter of the rectum can tear with the resulting physiological problems.

During anal sex, cracks can form - they heal for a long time and painfully, can cause inflammation of the rectum (proctitis) and the formation of hemorrhoidal nodes. For diseases in the rectal area, anal sex is contraindicated.

If you really want to experiment, use special lubricants, listen carefully to your feelings and avoid pain.

Exotic Injuries

Sometimes, in especially emotional and shy women, with sharp sounds or movements, a stress mechanism can work out - a strong reflex spasm of the vaginal muscles with pinching of the penis in it. This condition is called vaginismus, and it is funny only for those who did not fall into this situation.

In order to free herself from her “stranglehold”, a woman needs to tighten her muscles in the press area, imitating going to the toilet “in a big way”. To save his "dignity", a man needs to insert his index finger into the partner's anus and pull him back strongly. If these manipulations do not help, call an ambulance, only doctors can remove the spasm.

If the injury is small and minor, you can cope with it on your own and continue to be careful. The main rule of sex is to never endure pain and discomfort, not hesitating to tell your partner what is unpleasant for you. If the partner loves you and he needs you, he will treat your inconvenience with understanding and help you change your position or stop intercourse.

But, if bleeding has occurred, pain in the groin, genital area, or other previously uncharacteristic discharge has appeared, a gynecologist should be consulted. Do not be ashamed to monitor your health - you are not the first or last patients with similar problems.

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According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 75% of women have experienced pain during sex at least once in their lives. Sometimes this is due to an uncomfortable position and is corrected by a change in posture, but if the pain persists, there is reason to beware.

Just in case, we’ll clarify: you won’t be able to diagnose yourself based on this material, but maybe you can understand in general terms what causes the discomfort.

Burning and redness outside the vagina - blame your hygiene products

If you have irritated and reddened the labia majora or the entrance to the vagina, there is a possibility that personal hygiene products are to blame. Special products have been developed for intimate hygiene, but many women use ordinary soap or shower gel. “Dyes, perfumes, and other components of these products can trigger vaginitis (inflammation of the vaginal mucosa) or inflammation of the skin around the vagina,” says obstetrician-gynecologist Alyssa Dverk.

Leave the gentle parts of your body alone for a few days, and then conduct a full audit of the products you use and replace them with those that contain only Ph-neutral components. If redness persists with a change of remedy, consult a doctor.

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It pricks, itches and is accompanied by secretions - blame the infection

As a rule, discharge says that you got an infection. But what kind of infection destroys your sex life can only be determined by a doctor after an examination. Profuse white cheesy discharge and monstrous itching between the legs most likely speak of thrush. This is a fungus that always lives in the microflora of the vagina, but when it becomes too much, you begin to feel it. If the discharge is watery, grayish in color and with an unpleasant odor - this may be one of the sexually transmitted infections, such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. Sometimes they have no other symptoms than pain in the genital area and yellowish-gray discharge.

Friction pain - blame lack of lubrication

The reasons for the lack of lubrication can be anything from the natural features of your body to stress or taking medications that affect the amount of lubricant. Dryness can be the result of a sharp drop in estrogen levels in the body after giving birth, during breastfeeding, shortly before or during menopause. We are not talking here about the fact that maybe you are simply not excited enough, in this case, ask your partner to pay more attention to preliminary caresses or postpone sex for a time when you want it more. You can use the lubricants purchased at the pharmacy for a while until everything returns to normal.

Systematic pain during sex - possibly adhesions in the pelvis

Adhesions are connective tissue seals that appear after inflammation or surgery and extend from one organ to another. Sometimes adhesions do not make themselves felt, but in some cases the pain from them arises precisely during intercourse. Only a doctor can tell what to do with it and whether something needs to be done.

It hurts when a member or a toy is deep inside, as if it rests on something - blame the dimensions

It happens that a well-equipped partner in certain poses gets a member to your cervix.It is not dangerous from the point of view of medicine, but the mood spoils. Find a position that is comfortable for both of you and there is no pain. In addition, you can slightly move your legs so that the penis does not penetrate so far. By the way, in this case, the “doggy style” is not for you, as this is the pose in which penetration is usually the deepest. But if its member seems to rest against a painful area, this can be attributed to uterine fibroma (fibroids) - a benign formation involving muscle and connective tissue.

Pain during sex and very painful periods - perhaps endometriosis

This is a disease in which the cells of the endometrium (the inner layer of the uterine wall) grow outside of it. The causes of the disease have not yet been precisely determined, but one of the most common symptoms of this disease is an increase and prolongation of menstrual bleeding. Many women consider painful periods to be normal, while often this can be a symptom of the disease.

The pain is localized on the labia - blame acne or ingrown hair

Sometimes the causes of painful intercourse are much simpler than you think. If you experience pain when a partner touches a member of a certain place outside, on the labia, take a mirror and check: maybe there is simply ingrown hair there.

In any case, when it comes to pain during sex, you should consult a doctor, especially if the pain recurs. Take care and be healthy!