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What time is better to eat fruit? Facts and Myths


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October 21, 2019


Ruslan Nakhushev (رحمه الل), a human rights activist, graduated from the KGB High School and the Academy of Foreign Intelligence. In the 1980s, he was a resident of the Foreign Intelligence Service in the countries of North Africa; in the early 1990s, he resigned from the special services and took up public activities. During the first Chechen campaign, at the invitation of the Presidential Administration, he participated in the release of the hostages.

October 03, 2019

Vitaliy Cebriy:

This is a very popular topic for almost all world news, to a greater extent European and to a greater extent - Ukrainian.

September 30, 2019

Gregory Amnuel:

When walking from the center of Moscow to the rally, I noticed on the wall, at a height of more than two meters, a memorial plaque of pink marble: “Academician Sakharov Avenue was named in 1990 in honor of Nobel Prize winner Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov 1921-1989. During the years of World War II he made a significant contribution to the creation of new types of weapons ”!? That's right: A.

Do you agree with the opinion that with the presidency of Zelensky poverty in Ukraine will be a thing of the past?


Release Publications

Putin called the enemy of the people

... If the resigned judge of the arbitration court of the Saratov region is actually not a judge, but the actor in the action recognized by the Russian Steel Association as staged, then she, Russian Steel, is an offender under Russian laws. True, to a much lesser extent than the Putin regime ...

... Deprived of maternal love and affection, more than sipping her paternal austerity, she changed her name and religion three times, she was married four times, gave birth to three children who renounced her, and emigrated from the USSR twice. She left several times and returned to the United States. She lived in Georgia, in Switzerland, in England, in France. Wrote several books. But until the end of her life she remained for everyone the daughter of Stalin ...

In the photo - Stalin with his daughter.


Revelations of the son of "enemies of the people"

Mark Lisogor (Russia, Moscow)

... Mom told me that my father understood absolutely everything long before the start of the mass arrests. He was a European man, knew languages. He would have been imprisoned anyway, he was free-thinking. He was already arrested earlier, in the 35th ...

In the photo - Mark Lisogor.

Scary chain of tragedies

Sofia Perlina (Political Observer of the Horizon)

... The bandits warned that if their demands were not fulfilled by 9 a.m. the next day, they would begin to kill the hostages one by one. The terrorists also insisted on providing them with three aircraft, which should deliver them to a "safe place" and promised ...

In the photo - Sofia Perlina.

Maria Mutlova (Russia, Moscow)

. One of Yesenin's beloved women, actress Augusta Miklashevskaya left memories of him. "I saw how difficult it was, badly. How lonely he was. I realized that we were guilty before him - and I, and many who appreciated and loved him. None of us really helped him. He reached for us, went to it was difficult for him ...

In the photo - Maria Mutlova.

Technology develops, but society doesn’t break up

Maria Semenova (USA, Washington)

... Teachers and doctors warn: if you do not deal with the development of the child, but leave it to the discretion of electronic assistants, a delay in development and a decrease in mental abilities are inevitable. A child is forming ...

The writer’s word as a mirror of his personality

Valery Rumyantsev (Russia, Sochi)

... Pessimists say: when the world plays out comedy, there will be no one to applaud. But this is not our way. We expect from thinking people activities aimed at finding a more optimistic path. And not the last role in this should be played by poets, prose writers ...

In the photo - Valery Rumyantsev.

Sensation in the world of science

That's right - in the United States, at Yale, researchers were able to partially revive the pig’s brain. Moreover - four hours after her death ...

Pictured is Yale University.

... in the morning in rye snack,
Where are the mattes in a row
Seven bitch
Seven red puppies.
Until the evening she caressed them,
Combing my tongue
And flowed snowball
Under her warm belly.

Passion for Boris in six octaves

Leonid Bulanov (USA, Massachusetts)

Boris Abramovich Kushner, a Soviet and American mathematician, poet, essayist, left. Professor of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh. The long-term author of "Horizon". With deep condolences to his family, we publish this poetic collection.

In the photo - Leonid Bulanov.

Grigory Kroshin (Germany, Dusseldorf)

... We’ll drive corruption into Butyrka,
So that they know how severe our law is.
But we’ll give the men a bottle
And we’ll give the women a choice of men ...

In the photo - Vladimir Voinovich.

or Miracles in the sieve

Lazarus Freudheim (USA, California)

... I remembered the grandson of my friend. Once, after listening to another tale about a country where everything you want is fulfilled, he mumbled sleepily: "Country of Dreaming." It seemed to me that this could be called a country where the understanding of the life of the people by the country's president is confined to walking in emerald glasses and miraculous deeds to the fanfare of the court orchestra. "Dreams."

In the photo - Lazarus Freudheim.

"... was already close to liberation, he was breathing the air of freedom, but, having spent the last forces on this struggle, not being able to make one last effort, he died without being liberated," - this is how Leo Tolstoy wrote about Maupassant after the death of a French classic.

In the photo - Guy de Maupassant.

Arpine Babloyan (USA, Massachusetts)

... when the searchers examined the grotto overlooking the sea in Chatham Bay, the boat's engine suddenly died out. The oars lay at the bottom of the boat, crushed by a tent. A running wave overturned the boat ... The journalist and writer drowned, and Verna threw them onto the rocks. Only two months later random ...

In the photo - Arpine Babloyan.

American astronomers have come to the conclusion that life on Mars was born recently. But why has man never managed to see the inhabitants of the Red Planet? Look ...

Origins - in Tibetan medicine

Sylvia Pearl (Ph.D., USA)

... Pearls and emeralds treat melancholy. Emerald improves memory, and turquoise is useful for headaches. Ruby heals the heart, and jade - the kidneys. It is believed that emerald, sapphire, pearls, and diamonds help with inflammatory processes, infections, high fever, vomiting, epilepsy, menstrual irregularities, kidney diseases, diabetes, chronic diseases and dermatitis ...

Fantastic magical unscientific fiction

Eleanor Mandalian (USA, California)

... Two voluntary henchmen grabbed the head of the teenager closest to them and pressed her right side of her face to the bulkhead of the stall. With thick, clumsy fingers, Shorty put the teenager’s red ear in fright into the applicator and ...

In the photo - Eleanor Mandalyan.

The family of the architect Vozdvizhensky has been childless for many years. Finally, the son of Philip is born. But the hero finds out that the child is not his. Vozdvizhensky decides to leave home. However, it remains - out of pity for the helpless wife and baby. Vozdvizhensky can no longer imagine his life without him. But the family union is destined to disintegrate completely. AND…

“Hold on to the title,“ Horizon, broadening your horizons ”- such a farewell was given to our publication by poet Naum Korzhavin, whose portrait by the work of New York artist and poet Rita Balmina adorns the logo of our publication, and which Krugozor considers it his“ spiritual father ”. Horizon Magazine is an online publication about the most resonant events. Participate in discussions, subscribe to news on Facebook. We hope that on the pages of the Horizon you will discover many interesting things. Stay tuned!

Myth: Better to eat fruit in the afternoon.

Some sources claim that eating fruit in the afternoon can be more beneficial than eating fruit in the morning. Others say differently, arguing that the best time is to eat fruit after waking up early in the morning with a glass of water.

However, there is no scientific evidence that eating fruit in the morning or afternoon changes how fruit affects human health.

The theory behind fruit consumption in the afternoon is based on the idea that eating high sugar snacks during this time can increase blood sugar and wake the digestive system.

Nevertheless, all carbohydrate-containing foods increase blood sugar, and the time of day has little effect on this. The digestive system is always ready to start working at any time of the day.

Although it is worth noting that eating fruit for an afternoon snack is an excellent option. Fruits are rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates, which means that they are absorbed longer than simple carbohydrates such as white bread. This can help you feel full longer and avoid bad snacks throughout the day.

Fruits also provide the body with a wide range of vitamins, minerals and healthy compounds. Eating fruit with a source of healthy fat or protein can provide balance and more sustainable energy. Try eating fruit in combination with a handful of nuts or seeds, or avocados as a hearty snack.

Myth: Do not eat fruit before bedtime.

Generally speaking, good nutrition several hours before bedtime can disrupt a person’s sleep cycles. However, when snacking at night, fruits are less likely to interfere with sleep, compared to other foods, especially processed ones.

According to National Sleep Foundationeating certain foods at bedtime may interfere with sleep due to digestive processes in the body. They recommend avoiding foods containing added sugar just before bedtime, as this can lead to a rapid increase and decrease in energy levels. Eating fresh fruits may be the best option (1).

They add that eating banana before bed provides the body with potassium, which can prevent leg cramps at night. Eating fruits that are high in magnesium, such as bananas, apricots, or dates, can also help in relaxing and improving sleep.

Myth: Eat Fasting Fruits

Some people think that eating fasting fruits has great health benefits. This myth has been popularized mainly through websites and email networks.

The idea is that eating fruit while eating slows down digestion, which means the food stays in the stomach for a long time and can rot or wander. The theory says that it causes gas, bloating and discomfort in the digestive tract.

Although it’s true that fruits slow down digestion - fruits that are high in fiber, which slow down the movement of food through the digestive tract - is not bad.

Dietary fiber (fiber) is an important part of the diet and improves intestinal health. Slow digestion also helps a person feel full longer.

Even if the fruit remained in the stomach for an unusual period of time, the fetus would not have the opportunity to rot because of the stomach’s ability to prevent bacterial growth. Most microorganisms are not able to grow due to the acidity of the stomach (2).

People with gastrointestinal problems should talk with a doctor or nutritionist about specific needs and remedies that can help the digestive process.

Myth: In diabetes, you need to eat fruits separately from the main food.

Another statement said that the best time for people with diabetes is to eat fruit 1–2 hours before a meal or 1–2 hours after a meal.

This myth is based on the existing idea that eating fruit while eating can affect digestion, and that it can especially affect a person with diabetes, due to common digestive problems.

  • Firstly, there is no evidence that eating fruit separately from food will improve digestion.
  • Secondly, for people with diabetes, eating only fruits can cause sugar to enter the bloodstream more quickly, which can increase blood sugar more than eating fruits with other foods.

Instead of eating fruits separately, a person with diabetes can benefit from combining fruits with other foods high in protein, fiber, or fat.

According to studies, protein, fiber and fat help the stomach slow down the secretion of food into the small intestine. Thus, the body absorbs less sugar at a time, which limits its effect on blood sugar (3).

Studies also show that soluble fiber can lower blood sugar levels, which can be very beneficial for people with diabetes. Also, enjoying a piece of fruit before eating can help prevent overeating, as it helps you feel full faster (4).

When should you eat fruit for weight loss?

There is no better time period during the day for eating fruit to lose weight. Because fruits tend to be high in fiber, they can help you feel full for a longer period of time.

According to a 2017 study, a high-fiber diet can help reduce the total amount of food consumed. Since consuming fewer calories can help you lose weight, people who want to lose weight can benefit from planning for eating fruit (5).

Eating nutrient-rich, low-calorie fruits before meals can make you feel full and therefore reduce the chance of overeating during or after meals. Eating fruit with food can help you eat less high-calorie foods.

Replacing high-calorie snacks with fruit - at any time during the day - is a great way to promote weight loss.

The best time to eat fruits for people with diabetes

If you suffer from diabetes, foods containing carbohydrates can cause a sharp surge in blood sugar. Over time, repeated bursts can lead to complications.

Fruits contain carbohydrates, including sugar, and therefore can affect blood sugar. Nevertheless, fruits have a low glycemic index - which means that they have less effect on blood sugar than other foods. This is due to their high fiber content, which makes them a good choice for people with diabetes.

To reduce the effect of fruits on blood sugar, people with any type of diabetes can combine fruits with other foods, or even foods that are high in protein or fat. Fiber in the fetus can cause sugar to enter the body’s small intestine more slowly (4).

Eating fruit separately from food can cause sugar to enter the bloodstream too quickly.