Fasting In Ramadan

10 interesting tricks for children


1. Put a necklace of pasta on your neck. And walk in it all day. Well, or at least until you need to leave the house.

2. Create a family motto or slogan. (“The Expendables!”, “We can!”, “We will do it!”) And hang on the refrigerator. Remember him whenever the child feels miserable.

3. Go for a walk with your child. Not on business, not on the way somewhere, but just for a walk and with a child.

4. Secretly put a cute note (and a piece of chocolate) in his school backpack.

5. Play computer or video games together.

6. Say “yes” to something that is usually forbidden. For example, allow yourself to sit together on a school windowsill.

7. Take a break in the amusement park to the fullest. Behave like little children. Do not be shy and do not include a “strict parent”. Show how much excitement you have with simple rides.

8. Make peace. If you quarreled, be sure to find a reason to make peace. Muffled children's grievances are not worth it.

9. Silently close the door. If the child’s room looks like a tsunami wave has passed through it, silently close the door and, paying no attention to anything, just have a good day.

10. More often come to grandmothers. Try to find time for them more often.

11. Tackle a new business. If your child really tried, but failed, don’t bother him. Just turn your attention to something else.

12. Spank in the puddles from the heart. Let the child not miss a single puddle on the way. Even if he is without rubber boots.

13. Make yourself a postcard. Take a lot of sparkles, glue, pens with shiny ink and make a birthday card for your child yourself. Although a postcard can be made without a reason.

14. Take a pet. Lovely and in need of care, home warmth and childish love.

15. Let him figure it out. Give your little one a chance to compete on their own for their rights in the sandbox or on the playground before intervening on their own.

16. Do not ask. Postpone the “How was your day” questioning if you see that your child came home annoyed and tired. You will always have time to hear his story at dinner.

17. Create your own tradition: pies on Tuesdays and Saturdays, afternoon bike ride or picking apples every fall.

18. Ask your child what he would like to teach you. For a change.

19. Let go what he wants. Let your daughter dress up for shopping the way she likes. Whole month.

20. Let your child “eavesdrop” on how you say something wonderful about him.

21. Together, look at the full moon. For this, you can go to bed once later than usual.

22. Print photos so that you have something that you could one day pick up and watch with your child.

23. Do not rush the child. When you are in a hurry, he often does not keep up just because he is nervous.

24. Make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast.

25. Arrange a disco during homework. If the child is a little tired doing the lessons, feel free to turn up the music louder and throw a dance party. Once a month you can afford.

26. Come up with a secret family handshake.

27. Hang a message board.

28. Start a pillow fight!

29. Show your child your old diaries, letters, and photographs when you were his age.

30. To tell a child more often thanks simply for the fact that he carries out household duties of his own free will, without reminders. Even if he simply filled an empty decanter with water or hung a wet towel to dry.

Home tricks for children

1. How to peel a banana so that it is already chopped?

Here's how to do it:

A banana can be sliced ​​without peeling. This is done with a pin or needle - insert it through the peel and rotate it back and forth.

2. How to make a hole large enough in a regular sheet of paper so that you can crawl through it?

Here's how to do it:

Take a regular sheet of A4 paper, fold it in half lengthwise and begin to cut the fringe.

After that, cut the bent parts, except for the first and last strip. When you spread the sheet, it "stretches" and you can go through the hole.

3. How to turn water into ice when you pour it?

Here's how to do it:

Put the water bottle in the freezer and every few minutes make sure that the water does not freeze, but reaches the freezing point (it takes about 2 hours).

Remove the bottle from the freezer and remove a piece of ice. Put the ice and start pouring water on it - the water will begin to turn into ice right before your eyes.

4. How to make the ring fly?

Here's how to do it:

The ring is put on an elastic band, and when you pull it on, it creates the illusion that the ring is taking off.

5. How to make a bag of ketchup rise and fall in a bottle of water?

Here's how to do it:

If you concentrate the attention of children on the right hand that you allegedly control it with a bag of ketchup, you can quietly squeeze and unclench the bottle with your left hand. When you do this, the bag inside the bottle will float up and down.

Tricks and their secrets for children at home

6. How to make a cup of coffee fly?

Here's how to do it:

Take a plastic, cardboard or foam glass and stick your thumb to it. When you raise your hand, you will get the impression that you have telekinesis.

7. How to pierce a bag of water so that the water does not spill?

Here's how to do it:

There is no magic, but just science. When you stick a pencil through a plastic bag, the molecular structure of the bag creates a kind of seal that prevents water from seeping through the bag.

8. How to fly a few centimeters above the ground?

Here's how to do it:

Stand so that children do not see the toe of your left foot. Then slowly rise to the toe, while raising the leg, which is closer to the audience (in this case, the right leg). You may need to practice in front of the mirror to make the focus more convincing.

9. How to insert a coin through the table?

Here's how to do it:

Like most tricks, this one depends on sleight of hand. In order for everything to work out, you will need to distract the attention of the audience before moving the coin from the table to the other hand.

10. How to make an empty rumpled soda can again and fill it with a drink?

Here's how to do it:

There are two key elements in this focus: 1) you need to cover the place where the can is opened with black paper to create the illusion that the can is already open, 2) use a needle to make a hole in the can and pour a little drink.