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How to eliminate scars after chickenpox


A chickenpox rash is considered harmless from the point of view of medicine, but if a cosmetologist starts talking about it, then the problem of the formation of scars / scars after recovery is immediately voiced. The process of getting rid of such consequences and restoring a smooth skin surface should be started immediately after the diagnosis of chickenpox. Moreover, in adults and children different cosmetics and procedures are used.

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Causes of the appearance of scars after chickenpox

Many, having been ill with the disease even in a severe form, maintain a flat, velvety surface of the dermis. The reasons for the formation of scars after chickenpox can be:

  • early discharge of crusts from the surface of the bubbles, provoked by self-medication,
  • forced removal of crusts and active combing of the foci of the rash,
  • penetration of the infectious agent into the lesion with a rash of the skin, which leads to suppuration of the vesicles,
  • regular irritation of the places of localization of the rash with chickenpox, for example, in places of constant touch of clothing or when using unsuitable external means for processing.
Chicken pox rash at different stages

It is believed that most often the problem under consideration occurs in the case of infection with chickenpox by adults, because their disease most often proceeds severely, for a long time and is difficult to treat. A certain catalyst provoking the formation of scars on the skin after a "childhood" disease is a weakened immune system. In this case, the bubbles burst quickly and massively, and the resulting sores heal for a very long time and often become inflamed.

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How to get rid of the consequences in a child

In children, the scars after chickenpox disappear quickly enough on the skin, so it’s enough to start the course of applying cosmetics in time to speed up the process. When choosing a specific pharmacological product, it is worth consulting with a pediatrician, since many drugs are contraindicated in the children's body.

It is important to remember that in the composition of ointments / gels / sprays designed to get rid of scars, there should not be antibiotics and hormones. Such remedies are aggressive, can cause quite serious damage to health, although in some cases such remedies turn out to be the only effective.

In pharmacies, you can buy various drugs that can remove scars after chickenpox on children's skin and at the same time do no harm to health.


It is made in Germany, has many natural components in its composition and is considered a hypoallergenic agent. You can start using it only after all the crusts come off in the places of the bursting bubbles. Otherwise, Kontraktubeks will have a softening effect, provoke too early discharge of crusts - this is one of the reasons for the formation of scars.

The product is applied to previously cleaned skin with a thin layer, it is simply spread on the surface, but not rubbed. There are no deadlines for the use of Contractractex, but experts recommend taking breaks with a frequency of 30 days of processing / 10 days of rest.


The so-called pantothenic acid derivative is a combination of several vitamins of the B line. This substance is present in many creams and ointments that will help solve the problem:

  • Panthenol aerosol,
  • cream D-Panthenol,
  • Dexpanthenol Ointment,
  • Panthenol-Ratiopharm ointment.

All these funds, except the main component, contain in their composition additional ingredients - sea buckthorn oil, lanolin, triglycerides, provitamins and others.

Any means with dexapanthenol 2 times a day is applied. Ointments and creams are used only after the crusts come off on their own, but aerosols can be used to treat “fresh” vesicles. Such an early use of a cosmetic product promotes the rapid discharge of crusts and prevents the development of the inflammatory process, makes itching in places of rash less intense.

Home remedies

In children, the scars after chickenpox quickly disappear when treated with cocoa butter or sea buckthorn. Why are these products recommended by dermatologists:

  • absolutely safe, the exception is only individual intolerance,
  • quickly absorbed, evenly distributed,
  • accelerate the regenerative processes in the skin at the cellular level,
  • smooth wrinkles, make scars less convex.

Another tool for effectively getting rid of scars after chickenpox in children is a cream with vitamin C in its composition. They are released under the category of "children", are hypoallergenic and safe for the health of the child. The ascorbic acid contained in the cream (the same vitamin C) quickly restores the structure of the skin tissue and increases the elasticity of the dermis.

But a similar effect can be achieved only if the application of the cream began immediately after recovery - it perfectly solves the problem of fresh scar tissue.

Home remedies can be used until the problem disappears completely - there are no restrictions. Parents should pay attention to the behavior of the child and the condition of his skin. This is due to the high probability of developing an allergic reaction to ascorbic acid, sea buckthorn oil or cocoa - in this case it is called late and occurs with prolonged use of funds.

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Dexpanthenol and Kontratubeks in this situation will be ineffective, these funds are designed to remove fresh scars. But there are a number of other drugs for external use that will give the desired result:

  • Acyclovir. This ointment, which is available in small tubes of 10 g, is sold in pharmacies without a prescription from a doctor and has a low cost. The instructions indicate that the drug is used at least 3 times a day, cosmetologists recommend that adults increase this number of procedures to 5 and conduct them at regular intervals.

Duration of use - no more than 15 days. It is advisable to apply Acyclovir pointwise with a cotton swab, that is, treat not the entire skin surface of the damaged area, but specific scars.

  • Viferon. An ointment that is commercially available and has hypeallergenicity - this remedy is contraindicated for those people who are allergic to the main action of the substance or other components. The ointment is applied to the skin surface with a thin layer - it should not be rubbed, it is quickly absorbed. The frequency of the procedure is 4 times a day for 10 days.
  • Zinc ointment. A fairly aggressive drug that has many contraindications, so before a course of getting rid of scars after chickenpox, you should consult a dermatologist. Before applying the product to the problem area, the skin should be washed with soap or cosmetic milk, completely dried. Zinc ointment is applied in a thin layer, it is not rubbed.

The frequency of the manipulation is a maximum of 6 times a day at regular intervals.

  • Kelofibrase. A fairly expensive remedy that is highly effective precisely in getting rid of scars and scars of different origins. At least 3 times a day, Kelofibrase is applied in a thin layer to problem areas of the skin. There are no restrictions on the duration of the ointment.

Cosmetic procedures

If within 15 days after the regular use of external funds there are no positive results, then it is worth resorting to more aggressive methods of solving the problem. We are talking about specific cosmetic procedures that make it possible to quickly make even chronic scars / scars after chickenpox practically invisible. These include:

      Peelings. These are professional cleansing procedures that are performed using fruit acid, laser based products. The peeling course helps to even out the edges of the “fossa”, to make its borders less pronounced in relation to the surrounding skin. Be sure to carry out the procedure in a cosmetic clinic or beauty salon and observe the main rule - to protect the skin from ultraviolet (sunlight) rays.

    Otherwise, hyperpigmentation may develop.

      Injections. Mesotherapy and fillers with hyaluronic acid are meant. In the first case, special “cocktails” are introduced subcutaneously, which stop the formation of scar tissue - mesotherapy will be effective only with fresh scars. Fillers with hyaluronic acid “push out” the bottom of the cicatricial fossa, thereby visually smoothing the skin surface.

      Hyaluronic acid resolves over time, so a similar procedure should be repeated every 6 to 12 months.

  • Cutting. In medical language, the procedure is called subcision and is performed using a special needle. It is administered subcutaneously, then it also performs the cutting of fibers that connect the bottom of the scar to the deep tissues of the dermis. As a result, the "hole" is leveled, and in the place of damage to the fibers by the needle, it begins to actively produce collagen, which helps to maintain the result.

There is another method - surgical excision. It is used only if it is necessary to correct several scars from chickenpox that have grown in breadth. The essence of the procedure: the doctor completely cuts out scar tissue, sutures the edges of healthy skin. At the site of the surgical intervention, a small thin line-scar remains, which looks quite aesthetically pleasing, it is easy to hide it with the help of decorative cosmetics.

Cocoa butter, sea buckthorn and other cosmetic

They can be used only as a remedy for already formed scars, but not as a preventive measure. If you apply similar funds to existing crusts and bubbles, then they soften, early discharge. Firstly, this can provoke the introduction of an infectious agent into the epidermis, and secondly, the effect of oil products at this stage of the disease is the reason for the formation of scars.

Cocoa butter is contraindicated in the treatment of scars after smallpox in adults

Beauticians warn that the use of such funds even in the treatment of well-formed scars is unlikely to give the desired results. Moreover, prolonged use of cocoa butter in adults provokes the appearance of extensive acne.

Fast and positive results.

This is impossible in adults, since it is reliably known that it is not possible to completely get rid of scars after chickenpox. All the described methods will give only a visual correction of the dermis - the scars will become less pronounced, equal in color with the surrounding skin. But do not doubt the capabilities of the human body, regeneration at the cellular level proceeds in it constantly.

Before and after applying external anti-scarp scars

The use of specific drugs and cosmetic processes leads to smoothing the borders of scars and reducing their size. It is possible that the problem, which seemed insoluble, will cease to worry the person, and it will be possible to do without surgical intervention.

Doctors recommend that all procedures be carried out for 12 months and only then evaluate the results. In the absence of such, you should seek qualified medical help from narrow specialists.

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Scars after chickenpox are not a disaster. This problem can often be solved with the help of conventional, non-hazardous procedures. But they should be carried out regularly and after a competent choice - perhaps with the participation of a cosmetologist or dermatologist.

How to get rid of scars after chickenpox

Red spots, scars and scars from chickenpox in adults are difficult to eliminate, because the regenerative functions weaken with age. In children, the process of restoration of the skin occurs faster and easier, therefore, traces after the disease can be avoided.

You can deal with residual effects on the skin after chickenpox using various medications and alternative methods. In difficult cases, it is recommended to use cosmetic procedures to eliminate the consequences of the disease.

You can eliminate fresh scars after chickenpox with the following medicines:

  1. Ointment Dexpanthenol. This drug is used immediately after the disappearance of dried crusts. A small amount of ointment is applied in a thin layer several times a day. The medicine has no contraindications, therefore it can be used for a long time and at any age.
  2. Cream Bepanten. This ointment from scars containing dexpanthenol stimulates the regeneration of the skin by improving metabolic processes in the internal tissues of the epidermis. Use the cream twice a day, applying a thin layer to the affected areas. It is recommended for use by adults and children (more details here).
  3. Gel Contractubex. Heparin, onion extract and allantoin, which are part of the gel, accelerate the healing and regeneration of the dermis. Fresh scars are treated 2-3 times a day for a month, and old traces are treated for three months (more details here).
  4. Dermatics. Silicone-based gel is designed to smooth scars after chickenpox and moisturize the skin, eliminate pigment residues. It is applied 2 times a day for two months. Can be used by children.
  5. Mederma. Gel with allantoin, which has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects. Lubricate the damaged areas 3-4 times a day for three months.
  6. Zeraderm Ultra. A polysiloxane-based gel that removes fresh and old scars. Apply twice a day with light rubbing movements. The duration of treatment is from three weeks to 2-3 months.
  7. Kelofibrase. Cream based on natural ingredients: urea, sodium hepatrin and D-camphor. It has a regenerative, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect. Treatment is carried out for 1-1.5 months (fresh scars) or 6 months with obsolete scars. Apply 2-3 times a day and lightly massage.

The main causes of scars

The virus causes damage to the upper layer of the dermis. It brings a person discomfort. He tries to get rid of him, begins to scratch and tear off the crusts. The situation is dangerous, as the infection penetrates even deeper into the epidermis. As a result, inflammation develops, causing chickenpox scars.

The main rule is not to scratch the chickenpox. Be sure to take antihistamines that relieve itching and properly treat the skin.

The cause of the appearance of scars from chickenpox can be a weakened immunity. It becomes a barrier to tissue regeneration. Scars appear when external agents are used that did not fit the patient.

Violating the rules of therapy, do not avoid unpleasant consequences. Wearing tight clothing causes the healing skin to rub. Treatment must be started in a timely manner, as the scars become rough over time, which creates difficulties in their elimination.

How to Avoid Chickenpox Scars

Experts talk about ways to prevent the appearance of a fossa after chickenpox. Clothing should be spacious, not constrain movements, rub the skin. Every day it should be changed. The baby's nails should be cut off. In cases where the baby has chickenpox, mittens are put on the hands so that the child does not comb the rash.

It is worth performing the treatment of the vesicles with agents that eliminate itching. When the itching is strong enough, an antihistamine will help to cope with it.

After lowering the body temperature, a child with this disease should be bathed several times during the day. Water should not be hot, it is forbidden to rub the body of a child with a towel, washcloth. Taking a warm shower is allowed without soap.

How to remove only emerging traces of chickenpox and their prevention

Doctors recommend in case of chickenpox prevention: treat the skin properly. Such measures eliminate the itching that causes discomfort. This eliminates the penetration of bacteria into the wound, improves the processes associated with regeneration.

Calamine is available in the form of a cream and lotion. Components - Calamine Mineral, Zinc Oxide. By treating the skin with Kalamin, you can remove the inflammatory process.

Zindol has proven itself well. The active substance is zinc oxide. The effect of its application is achieved extremely quickly. It is indicated for use in infants. The cost of suspension in drugstores is affordable.

You can remove the inflammatory process with PoxClean. It is based on natural ingredients such as aloe vera. The instruction prescribes the use of hydrogel from two years.

Lubricate the skin. brilliant green. He dries it, eliminates infection. Using brilliant green, you should be extremely careful. This is due to the likelihood of staining clothes and drying out the skin. The analog is Fucorcin with antifungal effect.

To prevent the reproduction of chickenpox virus will help Acyclovir. Врачи прописывают гель, если тяжесть заболевания средняя. It is prescribed for severe course of the disease, which confirms a significant number of vesicles. Soothing and cooling effect can have Fenistil gel. The application of an antihistamine is indicated for children who are more than a month old.

Scar Treatment Guidelines

Patients in the treatment of traces of chickenpox should understand that they cannot be completely eliminated. To return the skin to its original smoothness, no drugs will help. They give good results, but do not completely eliminate the consequences.

In the process of healing scars, you need to be based on the regenerative capabilities of the body. If previously a person wanted to have plastic surgery, then over time it may not be needed. This is due to the fact that the scars after chickenpox become smaller and smoothed.

You need to make a decision after a year, based on the changes that have occurred.

In the event that the traces are very noticeable, you need to seek the help of a dermatologist.

Preparations for the treatment of damaged skin: Bepanten, Lifeguard, Honey gel

If there are traces of chickenpox, then basic therapy is carried out medically. Their main purpose is to activate the regeneration processes, increase the elasticity of the skin. For this, the doctor prescribes Bepanten. A cream containing dexpanthenol helps improve metabolic processes in the skin. It should be applied to the scars with a thin layer 1-2 times a day. It is approved for use at any age.

A lifeguard is used in the presence of fresh scars. The balm consists of natural ingredients (propolis, sea buckthorn oil and tea tree).

Honey gel is able to eliminate the severity of scars. The course of treatment is determined by how damaged the skin is. The use of cocoa butter is characterized by an excellent regenerating effect, while not leading to allergies. Before applying the oil must be melted in a water bath.

How to remove traces of chickenpox

Often in areas where there were bubbles, scars remain. They are localized below the level of other skin integuments and stand out in a light shade. After a certain interval, they are practically invisible.

It is recommended to deliberately deal with their elimination if this defect is visible on the face and open areas of the body.

Doctors warn that it will not work to completely eliminate scars by applying ointment. These funds are effective in relation only to keloid and hypertrophic scars. They are distinguished by excessively overgrown connective tissue. With chickenpox, atrophic scars are characterized by less pronounced proliferation of tissue.

Effective and appropriate to eliminate scars from chickenpox is a contract tube. Apply the cream immediately after you notice a scar or scar for three months.

Such procedures smooth the borders of the pits, which makes them almost invisible. Laser and chemical peeling is effective. Eliminating scars from chickenpox will allow several procedures.

In this regard, mesotherapy is used. It is based on the introduction of drugs on the skin surface that improve the regeneration and metabolic processes in tissues. The method is optimal in the early stages preceding the appearance of the scar. If you immediately apply it, then you can not face this problem.

Also, filler injections can eliminate scars. They are based on collagens, hyaluronic acid. The skin becomes smooth and supple. The procedure must be repeated several times, which is undesirable, since fillers can resolve after a year.


Applying subcisia, the doctor introduces a needle under the skin. With its help, a cut of the fibers of the connective tissue is performed. This procedure makes the surface of the scar rise above the rest of the skin. Where the cut occurred, the collagen production process starts.

To consolidate the result, the patient is assigned peeling sessions. Their passage restores the smoothness of the skin. Such services are provided in salons, surgical plastic centers.