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4 home remedies to help clean up underarm sweat stains


Fat, tea, wine, coffee often leave noticeable and difficult stains on clothes. With the help of specialized chemicals or cunning folk wisdom, you can get rid of them. But yellow noticeable spots under the armpits often make housewives "sweat." Light fabrics are especially affected by sweat. In order not to throw away a new thing that has suffered on a hot summer day, find out how to easily and quickly get rid of unpleasant pollution.

The problem of increased sweating is closely familiar to people with overweight. Often sweating and adolescents aged 14-15 years, which is associated with biological characteristics and the restructuring of the body. But no one is safe from such a disaster, so you need to know how to quickly and permanently remove sweat stains from your favorite thing. The greatest danger is not sweat, but a white deodorant. As practice shows, getting rid of them without harm to clothing is much more difficult.

Why are sweat stains so dangerous?

At first glance it seems that sweat is ordinary clear water. Why, then, does this “water” leave such stubborn stains on the fabric? Bad smell is far from the last problem of this emitted liquid. If you have not yawned at biology classes, then remember that the sweat secreted by the armpits and in the groin area is special. It is called apocrine. At 85%, it consists of water, and the remaining 15 are lipids and proteins, in other words, proteins and fats. They provoke the appearance on the clothing of unpleasant dark spots with a pungent odor.

Fresh spots always wash off more easily than old and dried sweaty traces. Knowing this, do not be lazy to immediately wash up the thing, coming home on a sultry day. Sweaty things that gather in the laundry basket during the week will get persistent traces, which will be practically impossible to remove.

Interacting with bacteria, a clear liquid turns into old yellow spots, which are especially visible on T-shirts and blouses in bright colors. Wearing daily armpit liners that protect things is convenient but expensive. Therefore, it is better not to forget about the presence of deodorant, as well as to know the tricks and effective methods of getting rid of sweat.

Stain removal

To prevent this, you need only 4 ingredients that almost everyone has: hydrogen peroxide, washing powder, toothbrush and baking soda. To remove sweat from your clothes, do the following:

  1. First apply a little mixture of hydrogen peroxide and washing powder to the stained area.
  2. Then treat the wet area with baking soda.
  3. Rub thoroughly with a toothbrush. The mixture should affect the stain.
  4. Leave your clothes on for the weekend without washing anything in the area of ​​contamination.

You can leave the mixture for 1 hour or several days, depending on how much the stain is absorbed.

If you follow these steps, the effect of the appearance of yellow spots of sweat on clothes should decrease!

Laundry soap

A simple and reliable way to remove yellow spots from white blouses, t-shirts, sweatshirts. Suitable for fabrics of any type, but especially suitable for washing cotton and mixed materials based on it.

  1. Moisten contaminated areas with water.
  2. Rub abundantly with soap using a hard brush.
  3. Leave on for 20-30 minutes.

You need to wash the product in warm water, intensively rubbing the fabric. You can use a brush. If the stain is still noticeable, dilute 1 tsp. oxalic acid, focusing on the instructions on the package. Pour the solution onto a damp cloth, wait 10-12 minutes and rinse the T-shirt or blouse well.

Things made of thick white or very light cotton, for example, men's shirts, will put in order boiling with laundry soap:

  1. Grate the bar.
  2. Dissolve 0.5 cups of shavings in an enameled container with hot water (5 L).
  3. Stir until completely dissolved, lower the thing, put the tank on the stove and heat to a boil over low heat.
  4. Stir periodically, keep on the stove for at least 2 hours, then squeeze and rinse well.

How to remove sweat stains with folk methods

To remove sweat stains on white clothes, it is not necessary to use professional means - helpers also help. But remember the three rules.

  • Firstly . At high temperatures, the spots from sweat and deodorant under the armpits are “fixed” on clothes, so it’s not easy to remove them in hot water. Recommended temperature range - not more than 40 ° C.
  • Secondly . Do not delay the wash: fresh stains are removed much easier.
  • Thirdly . If it was not immediately possible to wash, before removing the old yellow spots from sweat, it is necessary to soak the thing in a warm soapy solution for at least 30 minutes. And after you can already use one of the following methods.

Salt and soda

Reliable tools for processing any tissue. Soda can be mixed with water to a slurry state, applied to problem areas and rubbed well with a toothbrush. Leave on for 20-30 minutes, moisten with water, rub with your hands and rinse the product.

If necessary, the operation can be repeated:

  1. Mix salt and soda in equal proportions.
  2. Add any liquid soap.
  3. Apply the mixture to the yellow spots, gently rub, leave for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Then wash in warm water and rinse.

How to wash sweat stains with aspirin:

  1. Crush a few tablets in a mortar and dissolve the resulting powder in warm water.
  2. Pour the liquid into a container with a spray, abundantly treat the yellowed areas under the armpits. The fabric should become wet.
  3. Leave the item for 1-2 hours, periodically repeating the treatment so that the matter does not dry out.

The older the stain, the longer acetylsalicylic acid should be affected.

In particularly difficult cases, increase the concentration by grinding a couple more tablets, mixing them with water until a paste-like state and rubbing into the tissue. After half an hour, thoroughly rinse the item and wash it in any way. After drying, there will be no sweat.

Other improvised remedies will help to remove stains: ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and the industrial preparation Antipyatnin. The choice depends on the type of fabric and its color, in particularly difficult cases, it is worth trying several methods in sequence.

From bright things

In men, the sweating intensity is higher, so the yellow spots on the back and under the armpits are a real scourge of white men's shirts and white sports t-shirts. What will help in this case?

  • Laundry soap . The easiest way, suitable for products from any kind of fabric. You need to rub the problem areas, put the item in a plastic bag for 60 minutes, and then wash it in the washing machine. It is worth choosing brown bars with the inscription "72%", they are most effective.
  • Soda Sodium bicarbonate copes with the role of stain remover, but is effective only for fresh contaminants. To do this, you need to dilute the product in warm water to the state of liquid slurry, apply to the spots and keep for about two hours.
  • Dishwashing liquid . Since the sweat is sticky and mixed with sebum, it is worth trying fat-dissolving agents. To do this, mix a tablespoon of Fairy with a glass of water and apply the composition to the contaminated areas for an hour and a half.
  • Hydrogen peroxide . It is able to remove stubborn stains from light cotton or linen fabrics. To do this, dilute one tablespoon of peroxide in a liter of warm water, and soak the thing for half an hour. If the stain does not clean well, you can treat it with a solution of peroxide with baking soda. Sometimes even undiluted material is used for cotton, and for more delicate fabrics (for example, silk) it is always worth diluting it with water (1:10).
  • Aspirin The drug is often used not only against yellow spots from sweat on white things, but also when the task is to bleach things. Acetylsalicylic acid in the composition of aspirin penetrates into the fibers and removes even the most severe contaminants. In this case, the substance does not change the structure of the tissue. Aspirin tablets should be crushed into powder and diluted with water to a mushy state. Apply the resulting mixture to problem areas for a quarter of an hour, then rinse thoroughly.

With dark things

Quite often, white traces of antiperspirant remain on black clothes. If the clothes are not immediately washed, the dirt is absorbed into the fabric, poorly excreted and spoils the whole look. Many methods are not suitable for colored and dark clothes, as they can "eat" color. Therefore, housewives are looking for tips on how to remove stains from deodorant under the armpits on dark linen.

  • Sodium chloride . Salt has a soft effect on materials, can be used for all types, including wool and silk. To get rid of contaminants caused by intense sweating, it is necessary to treat the traces with a water-salt solution (10 g of salt per 250 ml of water). The exposure time is 20 minutes, after which you should wash the product with your hands or in the washing machine. If the first time the spots were not removed, you can make the solution stronger.
  • Ammonia A teaspoon of ammonia dissolved in a liter of water will help get rid of antiperspirant stains at home. After it is better to wash things by hand. In case of deep contamination, the alcohol is mixed with table salt at the rate of one teaspoon of each substance per 250 ml of water. It is necessary to apply such a solution to the armpits and back for 15-20 minutes, then wash in a washing machine.
  • Vinegar It is necessary to mix vinegar with water in equal proportions and impregnate the product with a solution in the armpit area. The exposure time is not more than 30 minutes. This method is quite aggressive, but is suitable for old spots on dark and colored products. It is advised to apply on dense cotton fabric.

In addition, modern oxygen-containing stain removers and ordinary laundry soap successfully cope with pollution on dark and colored linen.

With lining outerwear

People with increased sweating raise the question of how to remove sweat stains under the armpits from the lining of outerwear. After all, completely washing a leather jacket or jacket yourself is quite problematic. Folk remedies will come to the rescue:

  • soda - apply soda gruel to problem areas, after drying, you can simply shake off the powder,
  • vinegar - from a spray bottle treat vinegar and water with a solution of stains and unpleasant smelling areas, gently rub and dry,
  • citric acid - apply the product on the lining, rub it with a damp cloth, after drying, excess should be shaken off,
  • chalk - sprinkle heavily contaminated areas with a thick layer of chalk, leave for at least a day, shake off.

According to reviews, the above methods are also applicable in cases where you need to remove sweat stains from denim.

And 5 more tips

So that the secret of sweat glands or stains from the deodorant do not spoil the clothes, you must adhere to the following five recommendations.

  1. Give up chlorine. Do not use chlorine-containing bleaches - by reacting with the secretion of sweat glands, they will turn yellow spots into dark gray.
  2. Test the tool. When choosing a method for removing stains, you must first try the product on an inconspicuous area of ​​the product. This eliminates the possibility of damage and discoloration of clothing.
  3. Be careful with the sun. Usually, white items after bleaching are even recommended to dry in the sun. But if you used peroxide, this is not worth it, because yellowness can come out.
  4. Work from the inside out. The spots will still go away, but there will definitely not be stains on the front side.
  5. Choose the “right” deodorant. Products containing aluminum chloride leave permanent marks on the laundry.

If it didn’t work to remove the sweat and deodorant stains under the armpits on outerwear or expensive products the first time, stop the experiments. In this case, it is better to contact dry cleaning.